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Re: [wmx] Real broken behaviour on a Windows X server

Lasse Rasinen - Fri Dec 15 13:39:40 2000

Lasse Rasinen <lrasinen@iki.fi> writes:

> The X server is WinaXe 6.0, from http://www.labf.com.
> wmx is really lost, mainly:
> - It doesn't get some event on all windows, like raising XEmacs with Meta-Up
>   or maximising it with Meta-Prior.
> - Some events get passed on to the window, Meta-Up/Down go to rxvt.
> - Sometimes both happen.

Finally replying to myself, problem solved. I'd thought I'd share it with
you in case you ever see similar problems.

The X server had funny keycodes, namely (codes made up, I don't remember
the real ones anymore):
keycode 71 = Up KP_8
keycode 141 = Up

wmx grabs 71 and the result is, to put it mildly, annoying. Thank God for
xmodmap ;) Bad X server, bad!

Related nit: On wmx6pre6, XK_5 is two times in the list
for window group keycodes (Client.C, on about line 241)

It's 4 bytes for the symbol plus space, ie. 5 byte bloat!
Also, it goes to a memory where it takes up 32 bits! Something must be
done to this terrible bloat!

Lasse Rasinen