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[wmx] Real broken behaviour on a Windows X server

Lasse Rasinen - Tue Nov 28 20:21:39 2000

OK, so I got a new machine at work. Win2K + X Server, to have the best of
both worlds (Playing games is the best part of W2K, naturally).

The X server is WinaXe 6.0, from http://www.labf.com.
wmx is really lost, mainly:
- It doesn't get some event on all windows, like raising XEmacs with Meta-Up
  or maximising it with Meta-Prior.
- Some events get passed on to the window, Meta-Up/Down go to rxvt.
- Sometimes both happen.

I'm looking at the code if the key grab system might be fixed. Comments
like this don't look too promising:
                // someone please tell me there is a better way of 
                // doing this....

If someone wants to develop nice test program, I can run it at the office.
But I'm too busy to do it myself ;(
Lasse Rasinen