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[wmx] old bug

Fabian Sturm - Wed Nov 29 00:53:50 2000


i described a bug of wmx some time ago but as i know it never
got fixed. Perhaps it should be fixed before the next release!?

[wmx] error in wmx

Fabian Sturm (sturm@sisko.imse.med.tu-muenchen.de) - Mon Mar 27 22:05:20 100


i just found another error in wmx 6.

One really small error is, why does wmx6-pre1 has the following line:
Manager.C:          "  Fifth release, Jan 1999\n"

But that is not the reason why i write this mail.
My problem with wmx is with the handling of
child windows (don't know how they are called)

If i have an application which creates a child window
then this child window is allways on top of the main
application window, which is not true with other window
And another problem is when i move the child window to
another channel. I do this with the double click on
the frame around the window (Thats a little bit hairy
because the frame is so small).
If i moved the child window to another channel then
it looses its frame and is no longer moveable.

You can reproduce this bug with e.g. xv.
Open a picture and open the image information window.
This window is a child window with a small frame around it.
If you then move this window to another channel boom
it gets out of control.

Perhaps someone can verify this?
Or perhaps fix it?

Thanks Fabian