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[wmx] Mouse buttons in window

Jens Kaalby Thomsen - Sat Dec 09 00:33:24 2000


I installed wm2 and later wmx a couple of days ago. I still switch between
them and run both on different computers. They are great.

However, I fear that my new love has already come to an end. I need to run
a program remotely. This program is running on a Sun and consists of 4
windows. Three of the windows behave as expected, but the fourh is

This windows displays data, but when I use wm2/x I can't resize the
window. The worst thing though is that I need to move cursors around
inside this window and I need to use the mouse for that. Actually the
mouse is used for a lot inside that window.

It seems as if this window in wm2/x is treated as the root window. If I
middle-click inside the window the pointer jumps to the edge of a window.
I have no control over the cursors in the window -> I can't use the mouse
inside this window for anything -> I can't use the program with wm2/x.

Now, this particular window seems to be defined in some strange way (in
wm2/x). Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is there a solution? I
really want to stick to wm2/x but this window behaviour is letting me