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Re: [wmx] error in wmx

James Montgomerie - Wed Nov 29 17:33:39 2000

Chris Cannam wrote:
> Fabian Sturm wrote:
> > Keyboard input only if NumLock turned on
> > (was reported on the list)
> Hang on, hang on.  Are you saying that you see this problem
> with vanilla wmx-6pre6, without Jamie's GNOME patch?

When I said I experienced the NumLock thing before, I think it may also have been 
with an older release.  The problem simply went away - I'm not sure why, because I 
didn't investigate it after it was gone (I racked it up to my University's weird X 
configuration).  I had an unsubstantied feeling, however, that it /might/ have had 
something to do with the modifier key mapping [i.e. the settings for the modifier 
key to hold down for channel surfing etc.].