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[wmx] Manager::spawn()

Lasse Rasinen - Mon Jan 22 19:10:17 2001

There is a bug in the Manager::spawn(), to be specific, lines 939-948 in
Manager.C. The code seems to update the DISPLAY environment variable for
child processes, but it assumes the only dot in the string is between
display and screen numbers.

This of course fails spectacularly when, say, your reverse DNS happens to
be down, and your DISPLAY is 123.321.123.123:0.0, bad things happen (like
rxvt: can't open display 123.0)

I don't offer a fix because I don't know what's the specific form of that
variable, ie. is there always the dot between display and screen or not.

(If there is, then the fix is simply to make for loop find the last dot
and not the first as it does not)
Lasse Rasinen