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[wmx] XFree 4.0.2 and wmx break font display in some cases

Lasse Rasinen - Wed Feb 21 13:29:31 2001

I recently upgraded to XFree 4.0.2 and now fonts look broken in some
cases. Usually this happens on the last line of rxvt, but sometimes also
elsewhere. The "last line problem" is the easiest to reproduce. The main
problem is, that the font looks like some lines are missing or are
doubled, like this: A -> /\

I first attributed this to broken drivers in X or some similar problem.

The funny thing is, when I tried this with twm, it works like a charm.
Could there be some bug in wmx font handling?

A similar bug occurs with xv: I can't grab pictures under wmx, but twm
works just fine.

Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? Any ideas where to start looking?
Lasse Rasinen