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Re: [wmx] XFree 4.0.2 and wmx break font display in some cases

Chris Cannam - Wed Apr 04 11:03:25 2001

Lasse Rasinen wrote:

> The problem occurs at the bottommost line, just look. And since I haven't
> been able to reproduce this with any other window manager, but also on two
> locations with XFree 4.0.2 + wmx, I'm guessing it's something iffy going
> on in the wmx internals.

I have never seen this before so I can't be of all that much
help, but if I were you, I'd start by rebuilding wmx without
the resize handle at the bottom right of the window and see if
that makes any difference.  It may be that XFree is trying to do
some clever optimisation based on which parts of the window are
obscured, and is getting its sums wrong.

Removing the resize handles is fairly straightforward -- just
open Border.C and comment out any line that refers to m_resize.
You can leave in the initialisation to zero in the constructor
and the test against m_resize in Border::hasWindow if you like,
and you can save effort by making Border::shapeResize return
immediately rather than commenting out each individual reference
to m_resize within it.  I've just tried this out and it does
produce a working wmx, just with no resize handles.  If that
fixes your problem, we may have something to work on (although
I'm not quite sure what...)


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