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[wmx] wmx-6 released

Chris Cannam - Mon Apr 23 12:49:01 2001

Okay, so the pace of life is slow around here.  Even so, I thought
eleven months since wmx-6pre6 (and well over two years since wmx-5)
was probably long enough.  I've made a wmx-6 release, and you can
get it in the usual place.

It's substantially the same as wmx-6pre6, with precisely two recent
bugfixes, and no recent feature patches, rolled in.  I've tested it
very thoroughly -- it compiles, on my system, with the default
configuration.  And just for good measure, it links too.

Very urgent bug reports to me as soon as possible please, preferably
in time for me to replace it with a new version with the same release
number and pretend this one never happened.  Less urgent bugs, or
bugs that are simply difficult to fix, well...


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