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Re: [wmx] newbie questions

Jerronimo - Wed May 02 19:11:50 2001

On Wed, 2 May 2001 lcommons@att.net wrote:
> Howdy.  I've just discovered wmx, and am considering
> using it on my laptop.  I've previously been using KDE,
> but after recently upgrading to Redhat 7.1, the system
> seemed to be getting bloated, and I had numerous
> problems, most of which I attributed (rightly or wrongly)
> to insufficient memory (only 64mb).  Is it fair to say
> that using wmx instead will work better on a
> memory-constrained system?

My laptop here (IBM Thinkpad, P133, 32mb ram) runs it great.  Netscape
doggs a little, but that's just netscape.  windowing is nice and speedy.

> Also, does anyone have binaries rpms available? rpmfind
> turned up version 3 I think.

wmx builds without a hitch under linux, i've noticed.  just follow the
directions in the tarball, and you should be fine. :]


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