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[wmx] next newbie question...

lcommons - Thu May 03 14:39:22 2001

Hi.  I've just installed wmx, (yes, it DID compile 
 very easily :^) but am having a problem.  I'll start by 
 saying that because of a problem upgrading from RH7 to 
 RH7.1, I'm having problems with X, which are probably 
 related to the question I have; yes, I plan to rerun the 
 upgrade, unless I can get wmx working, so I thought I'd 
 When I start wmx (by doing /wmx-6/wmx after doing xfs to 
 start the X server), I get
 wmx: No dynamic configuration found

 wmx: Copyright...
      blah blah blah

      Command menu taken from /root/.wmx.
 wmx: can't open display: No such file or directory
 What file(s)/directory(s) is it looking for?  yes, 
 /root/.wmx exists, though there are no files in it.
 Or, is it just way to tough to tell with so little 
 information? ;-(


Mr. Lauren Commons
"Math will still be there when the snow melts." - 
Calvin & Hobbes