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Re: [wmx] more keyboard control

lcommons - Tue May 22 13:46:00 2001

Since there is some activity today...
I have a question/suggestion (perhaps there is an 
existing answer...)
I use wmx (quite hapilly :-) on my lap top, which does 
not have a three button mouse (obviously?).  It would be 
nice if the pop-up menu of open apps associated with 
button 2 could be combined with the launch menu of button 
A similar feature can be seen in pallete program that 
comes with aewm (check out the README at 

But don't get me wrong.  I lovee wmx!!
Mr. Lauren Commons
"Math will still be there when the 
snow melts." - 
Calvin & Hobbes
> hi,
> have anyone though about adding more keyboard control to wmx? it would be
> very useful to be able to move windows around without using the mouse.
> perhaps using meta-shift + arrowkeys.
> I don't have the skills (yet) to do this myself, but if anyone would be
> intrested in doing it or pointing me into the right direction I would be
> grateful.
> /Jakob
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> Jakob Schlyter <jakob@crt.se>                Network Analyst
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