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Re: [wmx] Patch for no window decorations

Scott Jann - Wed May 23 21:58:15 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001 lcommons@att.net wrote:

> For what it's worth, I used 'xnodecor', and don't recall
> haveing any problem getting it to work.  I have it set up
> to park a clock in the top right, and the battery monitor
> in the bottom right; works like a charm.

I tried using the name of the window, and that never would find the window
I wanted.. when I used the '-v' option, I got a big list, and it turns out
*all* of my Eterms were called just 'Eterm', no way to target the one I
wanted, even when it said it found it, it seemed to have no effect on the
windows border's...  I gave up...

> That's not to say that this solution might not work also....

Since the windows in question already set themselves up as "borderless",
it makes sense to pay attention to that, rather than to use some external