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[wmx] Curious behaviour of wmx-6

John and Catherine Allen - Sat May 26 15:52:41 2001

Having in the past used wm2 and wmx-5, I decided to install wmx-6 on a newly
configured Linux system, loosely based on the SuSE 7.0 distribution but with
a self-compiled 2.4.2 kernel.

Compiling, installing and starting wmx-6 was no problem, but typing into the
xterm windows would only work with shifted characters (ie "QWERTZ", not

Just for interest, I tried compiling, installing and starting wmx-5 with the
same options in Config.h (and on the same computer) . It worked perfectly.

I must be doing something wrong, but I can't see what it might be.


Catherine and John Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg