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Re: [wmx] Patch for no window decorations

Chris Cannam - Thu May 24 10:09:37 2001

Scott Jann wrote:

> [...] even when it said it found it, it seemed to have no effect on the
> windows border's...  I gave up...

I'm not sure if this is clear from documentation elsewhere, but you
have to run xnodecor before you start the window manager.  It takes
the window you name (you're right, the name may be ambiguous and
this can be a problem) and sets the OverrideRedirect hint on it so
that wmx doesn't get to reparent it.  This can't work after the
window has already been reparented, so it has to be run before wmx
starts (otherwise if the window is in existence, in order to have
the hint set on it, it must have been reparented already).

xnodecor is a simple and useful tool, and I use it quite successfully,
but it's not the answer if the windows you want to make borderless
are not intended to be fixed throughout the lifetime of the manager.


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