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Re: [wmx] newbie questions

Damion Yates - Wed May 02 19:22:35 2001

On Wed, 2 May 2001 lcommons@att.net wrote:

> Howdy.  I've just discovered wmx, and am considering using it on my laptop.
> I've previously been using KDE, but after recently upgrading to Redhat 7.1,
> the system seemed to be getting bloated, and I had numerous problems, most
> of which I attributed (rightly or wrongly) to insufficient memory (only
> 64mb).  Is it fair to say that using wmx instead will work better on a
> memory-constrained system?

Oh yeah, it's light weight as it's just a single binary running as a window
manager, unlike these new windowing environments that have countless daemons
running alongside providing extras you often never need.

The configuration of a .wmx directory containing binaries you want to run on
the middle button is the reason my girlfriend was hooked.  It's so simple to
just carry around a binary of this window manager around and create a
directory with a few symbolic links to scripts/binaries.  

> Also, does anyone have binaries rpms available? rpmfind turned up version 3
> I think.

It's definitely advisable to compile from source as you can compile in your
own configs and turn off stuff you probably won't use, like dynamic
configuration :)  It'll take about 10 seconds to compile if you change
options on even an average PC.

However if you are really interested in a minimal window manager and also
don't want to use a mouse (handy on laptops that typically have shite mouses)
you might like to take a look at evilwm which AFAIK is the smallest lightest
window manager available for X.  Check http://evilwm.sourceforge.net/ for
details.  (no it's not a coincidence the authors email address ends bbc.co.uk
Ciaran sits 3m from me in the same office).


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