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Re: [wmx] XFree 4.0.2 and wmx break font display in some cases

Chris Cannam - Wed Apr 04 17:08:52 2001

Lasse Rasinen wrote:

> However, other windows' tabs cause similar looking bugs.

Now that's an interesting one, and it definitely suggests the
problem might be intrinsic to XFree.  Could you try it with an
overlap from some other shaped window -- perhaps the original
classic shaped application, xeyes?  Indeed, if the problem is
as simple as it looks, you should be able to reproduce it by
overlapping xeyes against another window while running under
another window manager than wmx.

> [...] have someone with more experience in
> wmx shaped windows code [...] check that
> there are no obvious bugs in the shape code

Now that's easier said than done.  It's kind of complicated.
(Did I need to say that?)  Definitely worth some experimentation
with overlapping shaped non-wmx windows first.

btw, is your video card anything unusual?


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