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[wmx] welcome

Cougar - Wed Jan 17 22:08:57 2001


I don't like to introduce myself, so I skip this part..

This was some months ago when fvwm just crashed after it had run months.
Then I decided to change window manager. I really like fwvm but I used
only some of features it has. So I started looking for wm for my
everyday's needs and without any whistles and bells. I found wm2 but it
was a little bit too minimalistic for me. After trying wmx I knew that I
found new wm for my X.

Of course every user has different requirements so I made some changes in
wmx and now I'd like to share them with you too. I fixed one bug and added
a couple fo new features.

- Position of channel number is now configurable with

- Now it is possible to keep channel number always visible if
CONFIG_CHANNEL_ALWAYS_VISIBLE is defined. I made this opotion when I
discovered that after changing virtual desktop I must wait for a while
before all windows appeared ;)

- If you define CONFIG_COMMAND_PARAMETERS, you are able to add commandline
parameters to the menu commands. It is too boring to create new script for
each ssh session, background selection or whatever you need. Now I have a
submenu (directory) where are all background images or remote shells to
servers. And of course I didn't break wmx configuration 'style' ;-)

BTW, opaque terms (Eterm, wterm) with nice background make your desktop
really cool :-)


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