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[wmx] More on windows/mouse

Jens Kaalby Thomsen - Sun Dec 10 22:04:30 2000


I posted a message yesterday concerning the operation of cursors inside a
window when I run a program remotely. I have tested this further and:

It is possible to resize the window
The program consists of four windows (1,2,3,4). Let's name the window in
which I need to use the mouse and move around cursors win2. The 'main'
window is win1. If I move win2 to a different desptop/channel I can move
the cursors in this window!? The problem is then quite 'simple': If win1
and win2 are on the same desktop/channel I cant use win2!

This is a major problem since the two windows have a strong interaction.
So my question is again: Any experience out there? To take some of the
focus from the program with the four windows running on the Sun I can say
that it works well if I use Blackbox, fvwm95, icewm.....on my Linux box
and run the program on the Sun.


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