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Re: [wmx] question about wmx app menus

Jerronimo - Thu Nov 16 19:49:56 2000

make sure they're executable  

chmod u+x filename

I have batch scripts in there which run whatever i want, and put it in the

oh, and it's the middle mouse button..


On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Francisco wrote:
> I have some problems in having the right mouse applications menu showing.
> while having some links and apps in ~/HOME/.wmx they don't' show up
> (in fact pressing right mouse nothing happens)
> I also could not switch channels using middle mouse button in upper right corner(normal root menu appears instead!) using keyboard (ALT F1 etc) works...
> mumble..
> all other configurations worked whatever was the modification applied in config.h
> is it because of the wersion i used (6 pre 1 + gnome + group) ?
> Thanks

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