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Re: [wmx]

Liam Greenwood - Thu Jul 22 12:52:51 1999

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, cannam wrote:

My ha'pennth worth...  I would like to see (for consistancy :-) )
the "New" functionality on the middle mouse button exactly as
it works on the first mouse button.  I would be more than happy
to see this as a compile option. I think if this is a compile 
option then the "New" item would always be on the middle mouse
button, even if there is no " ~/.wmx".

I'm running the sec6 with the Gnome patch from Henri's tarball
and it's great.  Thanks!

		Cheers, Liam 

> This is probably the most commonly requested change in the
> history of wmx.   It's not done that way partly for consistency
> with wm2 and partly because there might not be a middle-button
> menu, in which case the left button is the natural place (and
> I wouldn't want it to move from one button to the other as soon
> as I created a link in ~/.wmx).
> Actually now I think about it, I thought someone had already
> hacked this change as an option?  Are you sure it's not in the
> code already?  Maybe I lost the patch.
> btw, I also think having a new xterm pop up whenever I clicked
> and released a button (whether left or middle) would be very
> annoying.  I guess so long as it can be compiled out...
> Chris

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