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Re: [wmx] Resize idea

cannam - Wed Jul 21 11:16:04 1999

"Michael Rogers" <bastard_machine@hotmail.com> writes:
> dragging the tab/titlebar should resize the window (from the top left 
> corner - the bottom right corner is held in place).

I suggest you try it out and see what you think.  Personally I
think resizing up and left is quite disconcerting behaviour;
resizing down and right seems far more natural (regardless of
where the resize handle is actually located).

> Also, as a newbie X programmer I'm wondering why the window manager has to 
> reparent the windows that it manages?

ISTR it's so the manager can select events on the individual
child windows (as opposed to only on the root).  But you shouldn't
take my word for it, I've forgotten almost everything I ever knew
about programming window managers.