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Re: [wmx] Resize idea

Michael Rogers - Wed Jul 21 17:41:22 1999

> There have been some complaints on this list in the past about the
> triangular resize handle; I understand that it can cause problems with some > terminal emulators (although I've never experienced this), and in my opinion
> it's kind of ugly. I have a suggestion for replacing the resize handle:
> middle dragging the tab/titlebar should resize the window (from the top left > corner - the bottom right corner is held in place). I intend to use this in

Unfortunately, the bottom-right is generally a more obvious place to look for
resizing, and I know my own personal preference would be to keep it there.

Fair enough. I'll try it in mosquito and see how it feels.

One thing I noticed last night though, was after accidentally finding myself
in wmaker, that it gave the illusion of being faster and smoother than wmx.
(though it's startup time is very slow by comparison)  ... and I realised
what it was. Opaque window move/resizes are so much horribly slower than
outline resize/move.[1] Is there an outline resize/move? (or how about having resize/move by opaque for the window decorations, but not the window itself?
Something I don't think I've seen done really, but would be a very nice
effect - with a more standard outline shown within the moving border :)

I thought about doing mosquito's move/resize with the frame opaque but the client window as an outline, but I don't know if this would speed things up much, because most of the shape extension work is for the frame. The client window is only one rectangle. Drawing an outline of the frame would also be slow, I think, because the outline would have to be a shaped window too.

Maybe the solution is to have a rectangle representing the outline of the client window, but no representation of the frame. The old client window and frame are left in place until the move/resize completes, so you don't suddenly see the frame disappear when you drag it.

I think you could draw the outline by creating an input-only window which is a child of the root window, and giving it a black and white stippled border about 2 pixels wide. The center of the window would be transparent (because it's input-only), so you would just see a floating rectangle. However, I don't know if input-only windows can have borders. Does anyone know?

Michael Rogers

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