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Re: [wmx] Resize idea

Damion Yates - Wed Jul 21 05:17:37 1999

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Owen Cameron wrote:

[other parts snipped..]

> One thing I noticed last night though, was after accidentally finding
> myself in wmaker, that it gave the illusion of being faster and smoother
> than wmx.  (though it's startup time is very slow by comparison)  ... and I
> realised what it was. Opaque window move/resizes are so much horribly
> slower than outline resize/move.[1] Is there an outline resize/move? (or
> how about having resize/move by opaque for the window decorations, but not
> the window itself?
This is already a configuration option for resize:

#define CONFIG_RESIZE_UPDATE False will set it the way you suggest.
> Something I don't think I've seen done really, but would be a very nice
> effect - with a more standard outline shown within the moving border :)

I've always been aware that wmx is a tad slower than other window managers,
but I don't mind, as I really like the minimalistic look and the feel for the
control you get.  The main/only reason is the heavy use of the XShapes
extention (or at least I think I read something like that in the docs).

A weird patched version of wmx was made (could be found linked from
http://www.plig.org/xwinman/) that removed XShapes and didn't have that
distinctive diagonal left tab, but a whole left bar, using normal X routines
to place just a wider window behind the real one as I understand it.
Unfortunately this seemed to have no understanding of the ideas and aims
behind wmx and the author had added loads of 'normal' WM stuff like complex
config files and menus with loads of options etc etc.. Pooh!

Enlightentment was really slow 2 years ago when it was completely full of
shapes, it's aim/idea was to be the sexiest WM of all.  This seems to have
changed with an aim to be the most efficient configurable WM, it's pretty
nifty now, so it might be worth some thought on acceleration of window
movements.  X isnm't really that good when you drag a window around, though
it need not be as klunky with loads of X clients getting X messages
constantly.  Some maths about the speed you're dragging the mouse at and the
direction could be used to get a really smooth 'fake' scroll across the

Anyway I've dragged on and it's now past 4am !!  Eek

Sorry to be a bore :-)


Damion Yates - Damion.Yates@bbc.co.uk