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[wmx] Resize idea

Michael Rogers - Tue Jul 20 18:38:20 1999

There have been some complaints on this list in the past about the triangular resize handle; I understand that it can cause problems with some terminal emulators (although I've never experienced this), and in my opinion it's kind of ugly. I have a suggestion for replacing the resize handle: middle dragging the tab/titlebar should resize the window (from the top left corner - the bottom right corner is held in place). I intend to use this in mosquito (the Gnome window manager I'm working on, which was going to be a Gnomified wm2 but which is diverging from wm2 all the time), and I wondered if anyone would be interested in a similar patch for wmx? It can't go into wm2 because it would require more than one mouse button. :)

Also, as a newbie X programmer I'm wondering why the window manager has to reparent the windows that it manages? I can understand this for window managers that don't use the shape extension, because it's the easiest way to get a border round all four sides of a client window, but couldn't wmx just map the client window next to the tab/titlebar and keep it as a sibling of the tab/titlebar window? The advantage would be that shaped windows could be supported more easily - wmx would not have to shape the parent window to match the shape of the client window, so half as many calls would be made to the shape extension. I would expect this to improve performance. Also, no reparent/unreparent calls would be needed. I don't know how much difference this would make to performance. wmx would just have to watch for move/resize events on the client windows so that it could keep the tab in the right place and the right size, but I think it has to do this anyway (? - no code in front of me). So, would it simplify wmx to take the reparenting behaviour out?

Michael Rogers

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