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Re: [wmx]

Damion Yates - Mon Jul 19 13:12:12 1999

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, cannam wrote:

> "O'Shaughnessy Evans" <oevans@acm.org> writes:
> > Owen Cameron <nemo@nethouse.goldweb.com.au> wrote:
> > [...]
> > > Hell, actually, I'd even say abolish the "new" from the left-mouse
> > > totally, and hardcode it as thre first item of the middle-mouse menu
> This is probably the most commonly requested change in the history of wmx.
> It's not done that way partly for consistency with wm2 and partly because
> there might not be a middle-button menu, in which case the left button is
> the natural place (and I wouldn't want it to move from one button to the
> other as soon as I created a link in ~/.wmx).
> btw, I also think having a new xterm pop up whenever I clicked and released
> a button (whether left or middle) would be very annoying.  I guess so long
> as it can be compiled out...

I'm pretty pleased with the tiny size of wmx, it only takes a few seconds to
compile, so by keeping everything as a compile time option, we have little/no
config (though that has changed with the symbolic link kludge) a fast and
tiny WM and the ability to pick and choose new code as it comes along :-)

In contrast to the comments that people often use the left mouse
button rapidly to move windows and sometimes miss, I personally frequently
use the middle button very quickly to switch between channels, with a rapid
middle->middle for Channel 2 then Middle->Left for 1 again (very fastly
done).  I sometimes miss and would be really annoyed to see xterms appearing
rather than (at the moment) just my middle button menu.

I only use xterms, in following with the minamalistic nature of this WM
(Infact I only use one and run screen, but then I'm sick) and spawn tasks
from newly created xterms, the only exceptions (and need for X) is netscape
and xlock.  Which I have ' Xlock' as a file in .wmx and netscape as a link to
the real one.  Which (again) answers the filename ordering question, space
being 0x20 and much earlier than a letter.


Damion Yates - Damion.Yates@bbc.co.uk