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Re: [wmx]

cannam - Mon Jul 19 10:28:42 1999

"O'Shaughnessy Evans" <oevans@acm.org> writes:
> Owen Cameron <nemo@nethouse.goldweb.com.au> wrote:
> [...]
> > Hell, actually, I'd even say abolish the "new" from the
> > left-mouse totally, and hardcode it as thre first item of
> > the middle-mouse menu

This is probably the most commonly requested change in the
history of wmx.   It's not done that way partly for consistency
with wm2 and partly because there might not be a middle-button
menu, in which case the left button is the natural place (and
I wouldn't want it to move from one button to the other as soon
as I created a link in ~/.wmx).

Actually now I think about it, I thought someone had already
hacked this change as an option?  Are you sure it's not in the
code already?  Maybe I lost the patch.

btw, I also think having a new xterm pop up whenever I clicked
and released a button (whether left or middle) would be very
annoying.  I guess so long as it can be compiled out...