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[wmx] More details on my idea

Lasse Rasinen - Sun Jul 18 14:32:19 1999

1) I meant having the click-new as added functionality, not replacing the
current menu entry (which I prefer to keep on the left mouse button,
because the finger (index finger?) pressing that button is by far the
fastest finger I have.

2) I also had a refinement of the same idea, but my time was running out
(only 30 minute at once)
Anyway, the current mouse routines could be replaced with a more general
scheme, as follows:
A mouse click can be classified in three ways:
 - where does it happen? (root window, client window, window tab)
 - which button is involved
 - is it a click or a longer, drag-like? (it's a click if it doesn't move
   much and it's released relatively quickly, otherwise, it's a drag)

Then just choose the appropriate function based on that info.
Menus (as they are now) are a drag on the root menu, current right click
window switching is a click etc.

This would also enable configuring, like
#define WINDOW_SWITCH switchWindows(some,parameters);


if (right && click && root)

3) I AM in the Army. My kneecap was dislocated after the first week, so
I'm not enjoying it very much, thank you very much. Finnish people might
recognize an X-header.