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Re: [wmx] suggestions: keyboard client menu like KDE

cannam - Tue Apr 18 11:26:50 2000

Dave Holland <dave.holland@incyte.com> writes:
> Under W*nd*ws, the window which previously had focus
> becomes first to be selected by alt-tab. [...] At the
> moment with wmx, each alt-tab moves me one window
> further around the "ring" which (IMHO) isn't as useful.

I agree.  I suspect the reason it's done the way it is
in wmx is simply that it was easier.  I think (and I'm
guessing here, I haven't checked the code) that each
alt-tab event is treated entirely separately and that
it doesn't remember whether alt was held down between
any two consecutive tabs.  Thus if you naively stacked
your windows the Windows way, you'd end up flipping
between the last two windows forever; the way wmx does
it, you are at least promised a chance at seeing every
window in the stack.