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Re: [wmx] wmx multiheaded ... beta.

henri - Tue Apr 18 17:26:32 2000

> Since there's again some movement in this list, I want to announce that I've
> made wmx aware of multihead-displays. You know the ones: host:0.0, host:0.1,
> and so on. If anyone wants to try it out, I'd be glad. I'll release the final
> version probably at the end of may, since I'm moving to a bigger appartment
> next week (I need some space for the two 19" monitors ;-). (Does anyone else
> ever needed this feature? If so, please mail me.)

cool. i was going to work on this, then XFree 4.0 was released....

> The features I'm missing right (and will try to implement) are seperate
> channels for each screen (right now if you switch the channel it'll change for
> all screen) and the possibitiy to move a window from :0.0 to :0.1 (please
> anyone tell me if and how this is possible - I haven't figured out a way yet,
> and don't think that this could be done, since no other wm I tried does it).

not possible. that's why they made the XFree 4.0 Xinerama ext. i am
using this right now, it takes all the screens and makes them into one
big desktop, wmx doesn't even need to know about it... (well that's a
lie, i really should move the little box that tells you where you are
placing a window more to the left, as is it's split in two by the
monitor plastic frames)

having a 3200x1200 desktop is really really nice :)

having two 19" monitors on your desktop takes up a lot of space :)

for those of you interested and running linux on an x86, i would go to
eBay and buy a Matrox G200 PCI, this is one of the best supported
'second head' cards out there. i currently run 1 AGP G200 and 1 PCI
G200, but i think it should work with most anything in the AGP slot
and a G200 in the PCI slot. they are selling for around $60.