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Re: [wmx] wmx multiheaded ... beta.

Sven Oliver Moll - Wed Apr 19 12:11:50 2000


On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, O'Shaughnessy Evans wrote:

>Ah, finally!  It was on my list of Things To Do, but I don't know much
>about X so it stayed very low on the list :)  I've been using two monitors
>for quite a while now.  twm will run on the second display just fine, so
>I've been using that, but I'd love to have wmx instead.  As a matter of
>fact, I was going to solicit the list for it this very day.  Nice timing :^)

As every villian in a movie says: "If you want something done, you've got to do
it yourself." ;-)

>Separate channels for each screen makes more sense to me than the current
>implementation.  My 2nd monitor usually keeps Netscape and IRC, and I
>wouldn't really want to switch those when I switch desktops on my primary
I think I'll have this selectable via Config.h

>Have you considered allowing for separate menus on each display? 
>$HOME/.wmx could be used for single-headed displays and for a set
>of common, display-independent menu items, and $HOME/.wmx-<display_name>
>could be for extra menu items on each display.  So, for example, I
>could have $HOME/.wmx, $HOME/.wmx-localhost:0.0, $HOME/.wmx-localhost:0.1,
>etc.  Seems like it could be handy and it wouldn't get in the way of
>current behavior.
And what if your display ist :1.0 and :1.1? That's a feature you'll have to
implement yourself. ;-) The subdirectory feature compensates this enough for 
my needs.

>Howsabout if you just release patches against wmx-6pre1 instead of your
>own entire distribution file?  (I should note, though, that Chris's
>recent channel patch did apply nicely to your tar.)
I just did a quick diff over the sources. It's >60kB and still >15kB
gziped. Since I included every patch that made sence to me - except for 
the channel patch - that came too late, I just wanted to provide something that
works out of the box. A patch is more "unstable", since you can't garantee that
it applies to the code. This version also includes some other hacks I did on
the code. The coolest one of these is support for the "power-key" on a Sun-5

I forgot also another bug I found: If you use pixmap support (I usually don't),
then the colormap of the pixmap on :0.1 is broken. It seems, that the "solid"
colors are used. Any ideas? Are there configurations where this bug doesn't

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