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Re: [wmx] wmx multiheaded ... beta.

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Wed Apr 19 19:28:34 2000

Sven Oliver Moll <smol0999@rz.uni-hildesheim.de> wrote:
> >Separate channels for each screen makes more sense to me than the current
> >implementation.  My 2nd monitor usually keeps Netscape and IRC, and I
> >wouldn't really want to switch those when I switch desktops on my primary
> >display.
> I think I'll have this selectable via Config.h

That would work just swell.

> >Have you considered allowing for separate menus on each display? 
> >$HOME/.wmx could be used for single-headed displays and for a set
> >of common, display-independent menu items, and $HOME/.wmx-<display_name>
> >could be for extra menu items on each display.  So, for example, I
> >could have $HOME/.wmx, $HOME/.wmx-localhost:0.0, $HOME/.wmx-localhost:0.1,
> >etc.  Seems like it could be handy and it wouldn't get in the way of
> >current behavior.
> And what if your display ist :1.0 and :1.1? That's a feature you'll have to
> implement yourself. ;-) The subdirectory feature compensates this enough for 
> my needs.
> [...]

Well, actually, that would all be automatic -- wmx should just look for
$HOME/.wmx-$DISPLAY as an addendum to $HOME/.wmx.  But, like you said,
I can always implement that myself if I really want it :)  Does anybody
else think this would be a useful feature, or would it be too bloated for
the simple wmx paradigm?

> I forgot also another bug I found: If you use pixmap support (I usually don't),
> then the colormap of the pixmap on :0.1 is broken. It seems, that the "solid"
> colors are used. Any ideas? Are there configurations where this bug doesn't
> appear.

I don't use pixmaps -- there aren't enough colors in my color table for me
to afford that -- so I wouldn't have seen the bug.  :-p

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