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[wmx] maximise/unmaximise

Zvezdan Petkovic - Wed Apr 19 23:36:08 2000

All right.  Last few days I got bunch of mail from this list talking
about some really bloated extensions to wmx-6. I think some people
should be punished to work one year on dumb terminal only to get some
respect for overwhelming features of wm2 (not to mention wmx). ;-)

Last time I checked in it was wmx-5 (at least on Cannam's site).  The
only feature I really missed was total maximise/unmaximise (not just
vertically). Well, I sat down and added it.  The changes are really
small and all kinds of max/unmax (vertical, total, horizontal) are done
through one function only. You'll get the idea looking at the part of
the patch for Config.h file:

      #define CONFIG_FULLHEIGHT_KEY     XK_Prior
     +#define CONFIG_FULLWIDTH_KEY      XK_KP_Add
     +#define CONFIG_NORMALWIDTH_KEY    XK_KP_Subtract
     +#define CONFIG_MAXIMISE_KEY       XK_Home
     +#define CONFIG_UNMAXIMISE_KEY     XK_End
     +#define CONFIG_SAME_KEY_MAX_UNMAX False

Since I do not like to waste so many keys on max/unmax I configure
CONFIG_SAME_KEY_MAX_UNMAX to True and use Alt-PageUp to max/unmax
vertically, Alt-Home to max/unmax total and Alt-numeric-keypad+ to
max/unmax horizontally (I must admit I do not use the last one but it's
in for completeness).

Yes, it works if you max total and then unmax only vertically or
horizontally, and all other combinations.

I find it rather useful.  If the community needs a patch (for wmx-5)
just tell and I'll send it. Of course if somebody else didn't already
hacked this.

Zvezdan Petkovic

mailto: z.petkovic@computer.org