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Re: [wmx] wmx multiheaded ... beta.

Jerronimo - Tue Apr 18 17:11:58 2000

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Sven Oliver Moll wrote:
> Since there's again some movement in this list, I want to announce that I've
> made wmx aware of multihead-displays. You know the ones: host:0.0, host:0.1,
> and so on. 

I was gonna have a multiheaded display a while ago, but decided to not
persue it, as wmx didn't support it, and i didn't have the time to
implement it. heh.

> The features I'm missing right (and will try to implement) are seperate
> channels for each screen (right now if you switch the channel it'll change for
> all screen) 

This is the behavior i would expect.  If you change it, make this option
at least available through the compile-time configuration. :]

> and the possibitiy to move a window from :0.0 to :0.1 (please
> anyone tell me if and how this is possible - I haven't figured out a way yet,
> and don't think that this could be done, since no other wm I tried does it).

I say, don't worry about it.  


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