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Re: [wmx] suggestions: keyboard client menu like KDE

cannam - Tue Apr 18 11:19:10 2000

Damion Yates <damiony@rd.bbc.co.uk> writes:
> [...] I want to be able to hold alt (or whatever the
> main metakey is) and then use the left mouse button to
> grab and move a window around

I remember this as a feature of uwm.  Just about the only
feature, in fact.  (I think there may have been more than
one window manager called uwm; I'm talking about the one
that preceded twm, in some X11Rn for n < 4.)

I used uwm far longer than was really necessary, on a
distinctly under-specified Sun 3, and at the time the
alt-click behaviour (which was as you described) was a
real problem when trying to use an application that
expected to receive alt-clicks itself (I seem to
remember problems with Epoch or some such).

Now that PC keyboards have all those spare Windows keys
that no app expects to use, I don't see why we shouldn't
do this again.  I wouldn't be amazed if it was difficult
to make it work reliably with all clients, though.  You
said other WMs have this feature -- does it work well?