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Re: [wmx] Feature suggestion: a "Restart wmx" command

James Ramsey - Mon Aug 02 22:41:27 1999

--- Stefan `Sec` Zehl <sec@42.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 11:35:33AM -0700, James
> Ramsey wrote:
> > Of course, if doing an actual "restart-wmx"
> command is a mess, it
> > shouldn't be bothered with. The theming cat can
> also be skinned in
> > other ways.
> Thinking of it, it mght be easily possible for wmx
> to catch SIGHUP, and
> restart itself then. Does this sound reasonable ?

AFAIK, SIGHUP is the "hangup" signal. I believe it's supposed to be
"nicer" then SIGTERM, I think. Maybe SIGUSR1 or SIGUSR2 could be used
instead? I think that those are supposed to be used for whatever a
given program wants. Bear in mind that these are the observations of
someone with no programming experience except for a bit of FORTRAN and
C learned in college, and bit of shell and Python here and there.
Mostly I'm going by what I learned from trying to get xfs to restart
(so I could get apps to use 100 dpi fonts).

What are you thinking of doing? It sounds offhand like what you want to
do is have restart-wmx send a signal to wmx to restart itself. Hmm. I
guess it could work.


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