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Re: [wmx] Feature suggestion: a "Restart wmx" command

henri - Tue Aug 03 00:21:47 1999

James Ramsey <jjramsey_6x9eq42@yahoo.com> wrote: 

> I agree. Even if wmx can be restarted from the command line, a [Restart
> wmx] menu item would still be useful, IMHO.
> Question: Would wmx have to do anything special to make sure that apps
> stayed in place during the restart, especially if apps are distributed
> over several desktops (or channels, as you guys like to call them)?

well... with the gnome patch the list of clients on each desktop is
saved as an atom... it shouldn't be too much work to check that atom
when wmx starts up and set the channels for each window.

on the other hand to restart wmx (and i had to do that a lot) i just

killall -9 wmx && ./wmx &

from the directory where wmx is running.

also the gnome control panel lets you change wm (so you can switch
between a stable one and the one that keeps on crashing) but you have
to make sure that you can still see the control-panel when your wm
dies (nothing should overlap w/ it)