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Re: [wmx] Feature suggestion: a "Restart wmx" command

Liam Greenwood - Wed Aug 04 11:50:53 1999

On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, henri wrote:
> Liam Greenwood <liam@sasquach.gen.nz> wrote: 
> > manager - but it seems to not have the desired effect.  How do you
> > get gnome to run as the gnome window manager (ie having 
> > gnome-session manage it)?
> ah, the trick i have found is to do two things in the control center:
> 1) set the wmx in the window manager section
> 2) go to the "startup programs" section
> 2.1) click on "browse currently running programs"
> 2.2) select the one that says enlightenment and click on "remove"

Thank you, this fixed my Enlightenment always starting problem.

I still have to start wmx in my .xsession before gnome-session runs.
Otherwise the pager-applet in the panel complains that there is no
gnome-compliant window manager available and quits.  

If I say that wmx is the window-manager in the gnome config it doesn't get
started.  If I select the wm is session-managed button there then it still
doesn't get started.  Should I be setting CONFIG_USE_SESSION_MANAGER to
TRUE in Config.h?

If I start wmx in the start-programs panel then if I give it priority 0
then it starts, but not in time - the pager errors off.  If I give it
priority -1 (which should start it before everything else) then nothing
starts and one is glad that one has ctrl-alt-bksp enabled in the xserver. 

Although it all works if my .xsession does:

	wmx &

I should, I think, be able to just have 'gnome-session' in there and it
would be nice if it was working as it should.

		Cheers, Liam

	Don't tell my Mother I'm a programmer...
	...she thinks I'm a piano player in a brothel.