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Re: [wmx] Feature suggestion: a "Restart wmx" command

Michael Rogers - Tue Aug 03 19:46:31 1999

> Hi Henri...
> 	I'm running your latest tarball on Red Hat 6.0.  I have to
> start wmx in my xsession before gnome-session.  When I do this
> enlightenment complains about a window manager already running
> and do I want it to edit my xsession.  I cancel this and it goes
> away.  I've told the gnome control centre that wmx is the window
> manager - but it seems to not have the desired effect.  How do you
> get gnome to run as the gnome window manager (ie having
> gnome-session manage it)?

ah, the trick i have found is to do two things in the control center:

1) set the wmx in the window manager section
2) go to the "startup programs" section
2.1) click on "browse currently running programs"
2.2) select the one that says enlightenment and click on "remove"

i should put this on my website...

this is, IMHO, a bug in the default configuration of gnome (it starts
e in two places)

Gnome isn't starting E (or wmx) in two places - you are starting one window manager in xsession, and the control center is starting another. The solution is to remove any window manager commands from xsession, and use the control center to start the window manager.

Michael Rogers

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