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[wmx] Scary feature suggestion: excessive themeability

James Ramsey - Tue Aug 03 19:02:10 1999

I've noticed that wmx seems to have some theming potential. The border
can be made to have a pixmap backing, and the appropriate program can
be used to set an image on the root window. Not to mention that the
window border looks stylish to begin with. I'd like to see the theming
potential develop further, and I suspect some other wmx users might,
too, but I know quite a few of you will consider it useless bloat. I've
got an idea.

Have a macro CONFIG_EXCESS_THEMEABILITY in Config.h, which if set to
"False" will let wmx be its same old self, and if set to "True", will
allow the fonts and colors to be set by X resources contained in the
file ~/.wmx/wmx-xs-theming. The X resources in wmx-xs-theming would set
all the colors and fonts that are setable in Section III of Config.h,
with the values in Config.h being default values if either the
corresponding X resource isn't set or if the file ~/.wmx/wmx-xs-theming
isn't present.

The way I figure it, those who want to use wmx to get their work done
and not fiddle with it could set CONFIG_EXCESS_THEMEABILITY to "False"
and be done with it, while those who like the look and feel of wmx, but
want to waste time making wmx look flashy, and let wmx siphon off more
resources (like me), can.


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