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Re: [wmx] feature suggestion:

cannam - Thu Aug 05 14:13:56 1999

Owen Cameron <nemo@nethouse.goldweb.com.au> writes:
> define a corner on the screen as the "dock" corner (configurable
> in Config.h) and when you move a window such that the corner of
> the window meets the dock corner, the apps is docked.
> The new docking point is then the corner of the docked-app and
> the screen border.

I actually rather like that.  I can imagine horrible problems with
accidentally docking things, so it must at least be quite easy to
undock them (and of course it must be possible to configure docking
out altogether... but you knew that).

If you wanted to be nauseously video-game, you could even make it
flash up DOCK in the top-right of the screen (in the same style as
the channel numbers) when you move a window to the docking corner,
to warn you of what will happen if you release the mouse button.
Or maybe not.

> I think the ability to dock /anything/ would be the best part of
> a system like this. eg, dock the GIMP tool window 

Probably true, but I guess you wouldn't really want the tool window
to be un-raisable?  Would you?