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[wmx] incognito windows

Andrew Reilly - Mon Apr 19 14:15:57 1999

Hi all,

I've been a happy wmx-5 user for some time, but have only recently noticed
a few weird windows called "incognito" poppling up.  This usually happens
when I fumble the root window selection menu with the mouse.  The incognito
windows are the full width of the screen and about 60 or so pixels high. 
There's nothing in them (besides the background pixmap), no processes
associated with them to kill, they don't go away with the "kill" button on
the window, but they _do_ unmap when asked, and they can be moved around.

Anyone else seen these?  Can I make them go away, short of restarting the
window manger?  Even better would be to stop them occurring, of course, but
a quick squiz at the code was not terribly enlightening: they seem to be
generated as a result of something not behaving as it should.  DUH.

Oh, this is a FreeBSD-3.1-STABLE, EGCS-1.1.2, Pentium-III environment.