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Re: [wmx] Themes?

Martin von Weissenberg - Wed Apr 21 13:30:21 1999

Jason Smith writes:
>To this end, I have multiple binaries of wmx using different combinations
>of settings... I don't think themifying wm(x) is going to go any further
>in that direction however, because as you yourself pointed out... there
>are point and click alternatives already available.

Well, we probably don't want full dynamic themability in wmx.  But
what I'm proposing would take a full five minutes to implement... after
which we can say "hey, wmx is themable".

I'll post a patch to wmx-5sec4 someday RSN.  It'll include the
following details:

- a CONFIG_USE_THEMES define as per Lasse Rasinen's mail
- several defines for line colors and widths

Any opinions or ideas?


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