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Re: [wmx] Why I use wmx (fwd)

Lasse Rasinen - Wed Apr 21 13:22:31 1999

Robin Stephenson <robin.stephenson@blackwell.co.uk> writes:

> Another thing: currently there's a single codebase.  Is splintering it
> such a good idea?  I feel it's getting sort of fractured internally
> already, what with the dynamic config stuff, and all those other
> #ifdefs, and at some point it's going to become just insanely
> complicated & fall apart.  Is there a better way of doing this, and
> yet still adding features?  Something other than the C preprocessor,
> perhaps?

The suggestions I've seen on this list would change wm[2x]'s nature quite
a bit. I for one feel uneasy about few of those changes. I use the right
button on root window from time to time.

Starting a whole new project would probably make both efforts a lot
cleaner, IMHO. If there are good features on wmg we can always take them
to wmx one-by-one. And vice versa.

OTOH, the code is still pretty intact. Possible ways to make it cleaner
etc. might involve use of C++ features. The menu system is a good example
of this. I'm no C++-design guru, so I can't tell how this could be done.

Then again, the current method seems to work (at least for a while), so
why bother?

By the way, should we do optional code by #ifdefs or if-blocks?
As far as I know, the compiler should be clever enough to notice if the
code is always/never run and optimize the unnecessary blocks away.