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Re: [wmx] Hi I am a new user of wmx and I have question ....

Martin von Weissenberg - Mon Apr 26 21:52:15 1999

Arnaud Dutartre writes:

>1 Why couldn't we resize window with just a drawn rectangle instead of
>redrawing the window each time ????

Open Config.h and change CONFIG_RESIZE_UPDATE to False.  Recompile.

>2 Could we put title at the top of the window ???? It is easier to read than
>verticaly ...

No way!  Vertical screen space is much more expensive than horizontal
space.  Just think: a normal A4 previewed at 96 dpi is 794x1122 pixels
large.  You can see the full width of the page on a 15-inch monitor
(800x600), but you need a 21-incher (1600x1200) to see the full height
-- and even then you'd need to hide all taskbars and stuff.  The last
thing the world needs is yet another window manager with titles on

Besides, vertical titles are way cool and you'll get used to them
after a while.

>I am student in computering and I think I'll contribute to this
>project ..

Good.  You could start by implementing horizontal window titles,
surrounding the code by ifdefs. ;-)


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