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Re: [wmx] Themes?

Jason Smith - Tue Apr 20 22:02:30 1999

sure I guess that I would like to see things change every once in a while
too (despite my disposition towards the very things that can be themed),
after all If I am obliged to waste 5-15% of my screenspace, it might as
well be appealing.

To this end, I have multiple binaries of wmx using different combinations
of settings... I don't think themifying wm(x) is going to go any further
in that direction however, because as you yourself pointed out... there
are point and click alternatives already available.

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Martin von Weissenberg wrote:

> Hello all!
> I was surfing on themes.org when the thought hit me: we need to make
> wmx themable.  It's actually very simple.  You can already define
> colors, fonts and pixmaps in Config.h, but how about putting all
> theme-related defines (section III and parts of IV) in a new file,
> e.g. Theme.h?  When you want to save a theme, just put your pixmap(s)
> and Theme.h into a tarball.  If you want to install a new theme, just
> expand the tarball into your wmx source directory and recompile.
> BTW, I would like to see new defines for e.g. the color of the
> (currently black) lines surrounding the window frame.
> The whole edit-recompile-install-restart cycle is contrasting nicely
> with the simple point-and-click themability of e.g. WindowMaker and
> Enlightenment. :-)
> By the way, how many of you have been experimenting with different
> fonts and colors in wm[2x]?
> --Martin
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