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Re: [wmx] Themes?

Lasse Rasinen - Tue Apr 20 21:59:43 1999

Martin von Weissenberg <mvw@hut.fi> writes:

> I was surfing on themes.org when the thought hit me: we need to make
> wmx themable.  It's actually very simple.  You can already define
> colors, fonts and pixmaps in Config.h, but how about putting all
> theme-related defines (section III and parts of IV) in a new file,
> e.g. Theme.h?  When you want to save a theme, just put your pixmap(s)
> and Theme.h into a tarball.  If you want to install a new theme, just
> expand the tarball into your wmx source directory and recompile.

Hmm. Pretty clean. But I like having all configuration options in one
file. Howabout like this:

#include "Themes.h"
<The theme-related config stuff as normal>

This way those who don't use themes won't even notice (except a few extra
lines in the Config.h) and the theme users simply set uncomment that
define and presto, they can download themes like everyone.

I like these "Let's make wmx like other window managers, except let's be
as wmx-like as possible" -things. Besides, now we could lobby for
wmx.themes.org ;)