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Re: [wmx] Why I use wmx (was: Resize-thingy-bug)

Jason Smith - Tue Apr 20 21:54:44 1999

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Al Hudson wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Jason Smith wrote:
> > But if it can be agreed that this is a worthwile contribution to the wmx
> > source pool, then I imagine I can find the motivation to implement it.
> > (self motivation somewhat lacking today) 
> I would be willing to contribute what I can (I can't program in C++ at
> all, but I can do other languages & I'm willing to learn & will probably
> have to learn at some point being a CompSci student anyway)
> > the gnome compliance stuff circulating on the list lately is a neat idea,
> > though I doubt that I would personally use it more than once ever... even
> > then merely out of curiosity rather than necessity. I can't imagine what
> > benefits that gnome compliance would offer beyond channel switching. and
> > the current method is more than adequate (IMHO -again I spout my
> > righteousness, feel free to topple me from my all-holy alter)
> GNOME does have a lot of other neat stuff - drag'n'drop, session memory,
> etc., and it's supposed to be a nice development environment. Plus,
> everything that uses GTK+ is going to look nice and standard across the
> board, which makes for a cleaner interface. 

I don't see much use in the drag'n'drop stuff.. and the session memory
provided by gnome is no better than running a simple shell script in your

-------8<  snip  8<---------------
#my xinitrc
. .MySessionMgmt
xlsclients > .MySessionMgmt
sed -e "s/$HOSTNAME.*/&/" .MySessionMgmt   # or whatever
-------8<  snip  8<---------------

 as far as the GTK stuff... gnome compliance or not GTK will work
properly, and you can even run the control panel (full gnome compliance
isnt needed to run gnome) to change the GTK themes. (if you want) I use
gtk apps all the time with the macintosh gtk-theme...

> On the other hand, CORBA seems to be a big fat cow. Although a rather
> talented big fat cow ;) I would be seriously interested, though, to see
> how much of a speed improvement could be achieved using wmx versus
> enlightenment.
> Cheers,
> Alex.

It may not be a significant gain in ALL cases but I'm sure that it
provides a better utilization of resources regardless. at any rate, speed
is not my _only_ reason for using wm(x).