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[wmx] Why I use wmx

Michael ROGERS - Tue Apr 20 22:24:22 1999

>I don't see much use in the drag'n'drop stuff.. and the session memory
>provided by gnome is no better than running a simple shell script in your
>-------8<  snip  8<---------------
>#my xinitrc
>. .MySessionMgmt
>xlsclients > .MySessionMgmt
>sed -e "s/$HOSTNAME.*/&/" .MySessionMgmt   # or whatever
>-------8<  snip  8<---------------

 I know next to nothing about shell scripts, but it looks like this would only
restart a given set of clients. The "Big Idea" with Gnome session management
is that (eg) your editor will restart with the document you were editing when 
you logged out open at the same line, in the same size window, in the same 
place on the screen, etc. You should also be able to specify easily which
clients should not be stored in the session.

> as far as the GTK stuff... gnome compliance or not GTK will work
>properly, and you can even run the control panel (full gnome compliance
>isnt needed to run gnome) to change the GTK themes. (if you want) I use
>gtk apps all the time with the macintosh gtk-theme...

 GTK will work whether Gnome is running or not, but if I use GTK to draw the
window list I want to know that I'm not wasting memory on it. If Gnome is 
running it will have GTK loaded anyway, so using GTK becomes that much more 
inviting for Gnomified wm2.

>> On the other hand, CORBA seems to be a big fat cow. Although a rather
>> talented big fat cow ;) I would be seriously interested, though, to see
>> how much of a speed improvement could be achieved using wmx versus
>> enlightenment.

Speaking of big fat cows ;)

>It may not be a significant gain in ALL cases but I'm sure that it
>provides a better utilization of resources regardless. at any rate, speed
>is not my _only_ reason for using wm(x).

 Absolutely. It's a question of aesthetics. I have a computer that's easily
capable of running Enlightenment with a pretty pixmap theme and n desktops 
with big background images and transparent terminals, but it goes against the 
grain when I remember that one of the first things I thought about Win95 was 
"Why all this unnecessary animation crap?". Commercial software houses add
unnecessary features to justify a new release number. At the moment
Enlightenment seems to be doing the same thing. They think of a feature and
instead of asking "do I need it?" they ask "can I code it?". And
unfortunately, they're very talented programmers ;)

 - Michael Rogers