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Re: [wmx] Why I use wmx (was: Resize-thingy-bug)

Al Hudson - Tue Apr 20 21:28:07 1999

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Jason Smith wrote:

> But if it can be agreed that this is a worthwile contribution to the wmx
> source pool, then I imagine I can find the motivation to implement it.
> (self motivation somewhat lacking today) 

I would be willing to contribute what I can (I can't program in C++ at
all, but I can do other languages & I'm willing to learn & will probably
have to learn at some point being a CompSci student anyway)

> the gnome compliance stuff circulating on the list lately is a neat idea,
> though I doubt that I would personally use it more than once ever... even
> then merely out of curiosity rather than necessity. I can't imagine what
> benefits that gnome compliance would offer beyond channel switching. and
> the current method is more than adequate (IMHO -again I spout my
> righteousness, feel free to topple me from my all-holy alter)

GNOME does have a lot of other neat stuff - drag'n'drop, session memory,
etc., and it's supposed to be a nice development environment. Plus,
everything that uses GTK+ is going to look nice and standard across the
board, which makes for a cleaner interface. 

On the other hand, CORBA seems to be a big fat cow. Although a rather
talented big fat cow ;) I would be seriously interested, though, to see
how much of a speed improvement could be achieved using wmx versus